Now, many families have installed water purifiers. As an important component of the water purifier, the Water Filter Cartridges filters various impurities in the water to ensure the quality of the water. Because of this, the water filter cartridges is a consumable and needs to be replaced after a period of use to ensure the purification function of the water purifier. So, what should I do if the water filter cannot be turned off?

Tell everyone, generally speaking, when installing the water filter cartridges, the installer will tighten the lid of the water filter cartridges very tightly. In addition, some water filter cartridges have good quality and take a long time to replace, which will lead to the problem that the water filter cartridges cannot be unscrewed. People don't need to worry too much. Generally speaking, if the water filter cartridges cannot be unscrewed, it can be operated with a professional wrench provided with the water purifier. If no accident occurs, the given wrench can basically solve this problem. Therefore, the fine filter reminds everyone to make sure that all parts and components of the water purifier are fully equipped when purchasing. If the wrench cannot be unscrewed, then everyone can use lubricating oil, detergent and other things to lubricate first. If there is no way to unscrew the water filter no matter how hard and how many methods are used, only contact professional after-sales personnel to solve this problem. This also means that when people buy water purifiers or water purifier accessories, it is best to find those manufacturers with perfect after-sales service, and problems can be solved quickly.

In short, the replacement of the water filter cartridges is an important step in the use of the water purifier. No matter what problems arise in the replacement of the water filter cartridges, everyone should actively solve them and do not put them aside because they are too troublesome. After all, the water filter cartridges is an important component to ensure the water quality of the water purifier.

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