HTML Tutorial for beginners

HTML is a very simple and popular language and every programmer or coder will aware of this language. You may be surprised after knowing that about 1.3 billion websites online today are using HTML language in one way or the other. Don’t be confused between HTTP and HTML, I think many of use will know the difference but those who are beginners will be confused in these different terms. 

What is HTML?

HTML stands for hypertext Markup Language which is used to create the structure of the Web page and web applications. With the help of HTML, you can link one web page to another using HTML hyperlink tag There are many tags in HTML and most of the tags has it’s own attributes. Each HTML tag performs a different function on the web page. You can create Tables, insert an image, send data to the server using input type tag with its attributes. There are many websites on the Internet from where you can learn HTML like W3Schools.

Features of HTML

  • It describes the structure of the Web page. 
  • With the help of HTML tags, you can perform different functions on a web page.
  • Compatible with all popular every browser.
  • Platform Independent.

Structure of HTML

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang="en">



<title> Page Title </title>



<h1> This is a Heading </h1>

<p> This is a Paragraph </p>





<!DOCTYPE html> define the document of HTML version.

<html> describe the web document. It is the root element.

</html> Everything you will write on a web page should be inside these tags.

<head> It contains information like author name, company, description, etc.

<title> It always writes inside the head tag. It specifies the title of the Web page.

<body> It contains the information which will be displayed on your web page. 

<h1> It is a heading tag that defines the heading of your document(web page).


History of HTML

HTML 1991

HTML2.0    1995

HTML 3.2   1997

HTML 4.01 1999

XHTML       2000

HTML5       2014