Just a few days ago Google and Adidas teased a smart insole designed to work with FIFA Mobile -- now we know exactly what it looks like. The Adidas GMR slips into your sneakers to monitor your performance during real-world soccer play, measuring your kicks and ball control and connecting to FIFA Mobile to give you challenges to improve your overall performance.

The insole is powered by machine-learning algorithms developed by Google's smart fabric division, Jacquard. One of the first challenges to conquer is "Master Finisher," which sees players tasked with taking 40 powerful shots in the penalty box within a week to earn coins and skill boosts in their FIFA Mobile game. A player's hardest shot will even be ranked on different leaderboards, giving them the chance to earn bragging rights over their friends.

The idea seems similar to what Nike tried to pull off with its in-shoe Nike + iPod sensor, which connected to your iPod to track your runs, or its Nike+ Basketball program, which helped you up your basketball game by connecting certain pairs of shoes with the Nike+ iOS app. If you are in lack of FIFA Mobile Coins, visit our site z2u.com, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

The GMR tag connects to the new Adidas GMR app, and once you set that up, you’ll be able to link it with your FIFA Mobile profile. Once you do, you’ll unlock an Adidas GMR-exclusive event in FIFA Mobile that will offer new real-world challenges every week, such as kicking a ball a certain amount of times or running a certain amount of miles. There will also be leaderboards where you can see rankings for things like who has kicked a ball the fastest.

According to the manufacturers, the battery supports up to 3 soccer games before requiring a charge, which can be done using a Micro USB cable. A full charge takes between 60-90 minutes. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.The new Adidas insoles will be available for purchase online at adidas.com/gmr and in selected Adidas stores at a recommended price of €34.99 ($35). At the moment they are available in Spain, the United States, Australia and some countries in Europe and Asia.