What is a couples massage? It’s a massage experience for 2 that has real benefits, for physical, mental, and relationship health. Ultimately, a couples massage may be a shared experience – a massage for 2 people, at an equivalent time, within the same private room, but on two separate massage tables and performed by two massage therapists. The massage therapists will start at an equivalent time and coordinate the treatment for the couple.

A couples massage are often an excellent thanks to enhance the mental and physical benefits of the massage experience. While it’s common to settle on a couples massage as a part of each day of romance – let’s say, with a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend – it’s also normal to choose this treatment with a lover or other beloved .

Getting a couples massage is an increasingly popular thanks to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or the Presidents’ Day holiday weekend. At B2B Spa (that’s us), we provide a further special twist on the couples massage. rather than trying to form reservations for a spa experience at a time that works for both of you, B2B Spa allows you to bring the massage experience home, or to a bedroom – just the 2 of you, in your own personal space. And while you'll certainly book ahead up to 30 days beforehand , you'll actually get a same-day booking for a couples massage from B2B Spa, in as little as an hour beforehand . Even better, the tip is included within the price, so there’s no got to disrupt the post-massage bonding bliss by trying to find your wallet.

So why choose a couples massage?

When you get an excellent massage, your body releases oxytocin, the “love hormone” that makes a way of affection and love. once you get a couples massage, meaning love is literally within the air (and the bloodstream). Increased affection is one among the most important benefits of a couples massage.

Avoid unhealthy food
Going bent eat Valentine’s Day, for instance , typically includes making reservations weeks beforehand (or risking a walk-in), a prix-fixe menu (at a better price for the holiday), and a couple of glasses of champagne or something else carbonated. If that works for you, that’s wonderful – but if you’re concerned about staying on a special diet (are you doing that intermittent fasting thing too?) travelling after three glasses of said champagne, or overpaying to eat something during a crowded restaurant, you would possibly want to settle on a couples massage instead. And as a matter of fact, massage is sweet for you — so you'll enjoy and celebrate your big day with peace of mind. .

Perhaps you’re a Marie Kondo advocate – or even you, like many others, prefer the worth of selecting activities and experiences to material objects, where the inconvenience out weights the worth . Getting a couples massage may be a good way to avoid the clutter and environmental impact of 1 .more.thing.

Tips for creating an excellent couples massage experience reception
So let’s say you’re planning your romantic Valentine’s Day reception . And you’ve selected a couples massage. What do you have to do to form the foremost of your experience?

Get food and drink delivered
A massage is a fantastic thanks to relax, reduce stress, and, during a couples massage, bond. Complete your private haven by either stocking abreast of delicious treats and beverages beforehand, or having a Valentine’s Day meal delivered to you. (If you’re not on a vast budget, home delivery will assist you save on price also .) If you’re wondering whether you ought to eat and drink before or after your couples massage, most therapists recommend you enjoys the food and (especially) drinks after your massage.

Choose the proper space
Choose a personal room that has room for both the massage tables (with B2B Spa, massage therapists bring tables and massage supplies unless you've got them at home) also as enough room for the therapists to maneuver . an area of about 10 by 12 feet should be quite sufficient.