question and now so at least when you come watch the replay you'll get an answer there or hopefully you get answer that unless we're flooded and inundated here today I listened like give me a second I just want to bring up I want to bring up the live stream here on my computer so I can follow along with the question so if you guys just give me 30 seconds listen hope you're a well hope you're a well in the world hope you still hope you're staying safe rather at this difficult time I think this is clearly quite a tragic time and we're going to lose a lot of people here we already have and it's it really is concerning and it does need to be paid attention to I really don't condone this sort of head bare head burying in the sand that some people though it seems to be a real minority now that some people have with regards to this virus so I think that seems to be slowly disappearing in time anyway so that's great so yeah hello everyone just j