Perhaps everyone does not know in life that Bonded fabric has penetrated into all aspects of our life, and the performance of bonded fabric has been greatly improved over traditional fabrics, not only in terms of materials and patterns but also slightly better than traditional fabrics in terms of practicality, just like mountaineering and ski clothing, which make full use of the performance of the bonded fabric and show it.

People often think that bonded fabric is waterproof and breathable, but they are not. The bonded fabric with waterproof and breathable functions is processed by selecting a layer of the waterproof and breathable film during compoundings, such as TPU and other materials with the above functions.

Waterproof and breathable bonded fabric is made by compounding common fabric and polymer waterproof and breathable material. Its functional characteristics are very strong. Therefore, compared with traditional fabrics, the waterproof and breathable fabrics processed by cloth bonding have obvious advantages in waterproof, breathable, anticorrosive, washable, warm-keeping, environmental protection and other aspects.

The waterproof and breathable bonded fabric is stable in quality, environment-friendly and non-toxic, and can be worn next to the skin with confidence. The products can be used in wearing products, such as clothing, shoe materials, hat industry, etc. Of course, it can also be used in toys, bags, handicrafts and other product industries.

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