workouts are amazing I recommend them so much cause in them years before I even started this plan and I know how good they are you literally only have to do 10 20 minutes a day and you're sorted they are high-intensity interval training that's what it's done for it's high-intensity moves that you do and then you move on to another one and then another one and then a little break and then do some more and then you've done it's high intensity so it really does get your cardio kind of you know it's got that cardio aspect and it also kind of hits like really hard on your muscles and everything like that but in a short space of time if you was to go to the gym and do a hip workout you wouldn't be able to do it for an hour you know it's definitely something that's a 10 20 minutes or thing but they do say that like a 10 minute hip workout is equivalent like an hour on the running machine not saying that there's anything bad with that but if you're the kind of person that doesn't want to go to the gym or you know doesn't get motivated by that you can do workouts at home and still see like amazing results and still get really fit and strong just