Ketobodz Keto  probably get like three you guys like all had so much salt but trust me look at I'm putting four four crispy it was a little too chewy you couldn't just take you longer to eat so because after you do that coach but I have lost and maintained a loss of more than a hundred pounds on ketogenic diet I have now transitioned to carnivore to try and lose the last bit of weight that I have to lose but also for the health benefits you can use this video to decide if current water is something that you want to do and no it's not for everybody but if you have some of those like last- pounds that won't go away or you might have some other health issues that really just aren't being tackled on keto then try carnivore might be something that you can consider when you hear my progress on carnivore I also run an online program to help people maximize their weight loss on keto and it's called kickstart teacher bootcamp and we are opening the doors for enrollment on Monday the 9th of March so if you're interested you can go and click the link below if not let's get to the video I am back with my trusty green notebook on my two pages of notes so be prepared for a long one actually past this video now go make a cup of tea or a coffee or some other hot beverage if stuff comfortable and come back and then you're gonna hear everything that I have to say when I first started carnivore the motivation behind it was the fact that I still wasn't losing that last 20 pounds on keto it just would not budge and my weight was going up and up and up and and then