TomTom offers multiple numbers of smart navigation devices which works with a stable internet connection. If your network connection is not useful or interrupting the connection, then maybe you can lack with your map, or tom tom update sat nav or other.

Though not every issue occurs due to internet connection, other errors can also be with tomtom get started or TomTom update or other. One of the error codes is 148 that further can stop the tomtom setup that you may have downloaded from or site. In this blog, we will discuss TomTom error code 148 issues and solution.


What is TomTom 148 Error Code?

With any of TomTom GPS smart devices, any user can face issues where one TomTom error 148 is also an issue. The TomTom 148 Error Code occurred when the user didn’t download and installed the updates completely. This is update error which can cause other problems in checking the map, running the GPS device, and restriction for smooth usage of the devices. There is another similar issue Tomtom 530. User faces this issue also when they don’t know how to update the tomtom update correctly.

If you are also facing such issue or error code, then don’t worry, we will find out the solution in this blog. Such a situation can also occur with TomTom one XL. 


How To Fix TomTom 148 Error Code?

In order to fix the TomTom 148 Error Code, you can check and follow the below steps;

  • In step 1, make sure that on your routing device the “information sharing is enabled” and working.
  • Check that your routing device is connected to valid GPS or not? You should able to see the current location on your device with the position on the driving view.
  • Next, ensure the battery of your device is full. If not, then charge the device fully because, in some of the low circumstance, the device can stop receiving the full services. 
  • To enjoy the hassle-free navigation result, ensure that your place is under SERVICES COVERAGE.
  • If you are using your mobile phone to use the services, then connect your mobile to a compatible navigation device. 
  • Now, if you face error message 148 on the screen, then go to the “main menu” and choose “services” and ensure that the map subscription and traffic is valid and activated. You can sign in with your account to get support at
  • In case if you are still facing the error then, reset the device’s the factory settings so that you can get services.
  • Go to the main menu to reset the device settings, then on the right side of the screen, choose ‘settings’ button.
  • In the list of menus, go to the right side and click ‘System’ and tap on ‘reset’ button.
  • In this process, you can see the warning sign where you need to click ‘reset’ for confirmation.
  • In the end, sync your device to MyDrive, then login to your account and choose “TomTom services”.


With the above steps, you can fix the error code 148 and 107 as well. If you face any other issues, then you can contact TomTom support.


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