Delhi packers and movers help you to have safe and smooth relocation without any hassles. Their professional staff work efficiently and proficiently to ease the moving process for you. So, it is really important to thank your movers after they safely deliver the goods at your doorstep. You might be thinking why it is important to thank your mover and also if it is then we can simply say ‘Thank You’ to them, but that’s just not enough. They have worked harder for your move so that you can enjoy safe move. Of course you are paying them their fees or charges but, courtesy says to do something more for your movers just than saying them Thank You. Let’s know about the different things you can do to thank your movers.

If you are happy with your hire professional packers and movers in Delhi then you should definitely praise their work if the moving crew

  • Arrived on time
  • Did everything that are needed for preventing the goods from damage
  • Acted professionally
  • Handled your goods with care
  • Did their work quickly and efficiently

Tip Your Mover

If your mover haven’t completed the work as per your expectation also have damaged your valuable goods then you should never tip them. But, if you are really happy with their efforts then they would love to be praised by you so you should tip them. They would surely appreciate you for being a good host till they handle the move and will thank you as well. But, what confused most of the people is how much to tip the movers? Well, this fully depends up on you. But, remember that instead of handing the foreman the entire tipping money, you should distribute the cash tips to each worker individually.

Write a Good Company Review

This would be the best way to thank your hire packers and movers in Delhi. You can write positive and good review about the company on their website. This would not only help the Moving Company to make good reputation, but also the consumers to choose the best and reliable movers and packers in Delhi. So, after settling in your new house, write a positive review for the company and thanks them for making your moving process so easy and memorable for you.

These are the best ways to thank your mover, who has made the moving process easy, smooth and hassle-free for you.