vital alpha testo but time on the computer you know we spend all of our time typing and not only does that make made me a much better doctor and emotionally able to handle whatever I had to handle because you know very well most breast cancer patients even with metastatic disease live a very long time 10 years even ht to come on and have some fun with me on here okay feel like I'm out of breath just ran up the stairs so I'm a little a little flustered still hey John hey Pam so this topic popped in my head because when I was thinking about back when I first had the surgery just the relationships I had and I'm not gonna say you know specifically like people you know names obviously my god not like y'all would even know who I'm talking about but - a name specifically or even like necessarily like what my relationship was but I will tell you that my friendships did change after I had weight-loss surgery and it's interesting to see kind of how that happened yeah I feel free to ask questions she shoot in on the chat and I'm watching that and then if I don't answer your questions because they come so fast just type it in all caps and that'll grab my attention a little bit better but I really like I didn't think anything was gonna change but what I realized was that people who I had maybe like hung out with and socialized with food when they realized that