After the plush fabric is printed, except for ice dye and soluble vat dye, general dyes are steamed. Its purpose is to make Printing Pile Fabric(WARPKNITTEDFABRIC) complete moisture absorption and temperature rise of fiber and color serosa, accelerate the reduction of dye and dissolution on fiber, and make dye diffuse into fiber and fix on fiber. The steaming process conditions vary with the nature of dyes and fibers.

In the steaming process, the steam firstly condenses on the textile, and then the temperature of the textile rises rapidly. At the same time, the fiber absorbs moisture and puffs, and the dye and chemical agent are fully dissolved after the colour paste absorbs water, which is beneficial to the generation of chemical action and promotes the dye to transfer from the colour paste to the fibre and diffuse into the fiber to generate colour fixation. The main factors affecting the moisture absorption of color paste are the temperature and relative humidity in the steaming machine.

The steaming equipment is selected according to the steaming process conditions, fabric properties and production scale. Loose steaming equipment should be used for some easily deformable fabrics such as silks and silks, intermittent steaming equipment can be used for small-batch production, and loose continuous steaming machines (such as loose bottomless endless loop steaming machines, etc.) can be used for large-batch production O Generally, there is a row of guide rollers on the upper and lower sides of the steaming machines, and the fabrics are dragged forward by the upper row of guide rollers. After printing, the cloth surface of plush fabrics carries more colour paste. In order to avoid full "pasting", a circular continuous steaming machine contacting with the guide rollers can be used.

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