The so-called non-standard chain refers to the pitch of non-national standard chains. National standard chains are generally calculated by inches, such as 25.4, 38.1, 50.8, 63.5, 76.2, etc. They are all national standard non-standard chain fingers. Pitch refers to products customized according to customers' requirements. Chain plate width and plate thickness pitch are customized according to customers' requirements. Common points of non-standard chains and national standard chains are composed of chain plates, rollers and chain shafts. Chain tension is mainly determined by chain plate thickness and chain shaft. China chain supplier(GETECHAIN) need to change chain pitch and plate thickness under specific circumstances, which is also non-standard chains. Non-standard chains have no fixed link pitch, ball diameter, pin shaft diameter and inner link width. Non-fixed chains can be designed and produced according to pulling force.

Before installing non-standard chains and sprockets, attention should first be paid to whether the pitch of the chain and the ratio of the sprocket pitch are reasonable. If the pitch is different, tooth skipping will occur. It depends on whether there are dead links in the chain, and it must be ensured that each link can move freely between the pin shaft and the shaft sleeve. To ensure that the chain and sprocket are on a certain parallel line, and the sprocket is on the center line of the chain, if the sprocket deviates from one side of the chain, the pin clamp spring will fall off. The chain and sprocket must be moderately tight, not too tight or too loose. Make sure the chain runs normally without noise. Oil must be supplied on time. Regular maintenance can prolong the service life of the chain.

The nonstandard chain will form a large forced restraining moment between the countershaft and the rear wheel buffer body. Under the influence of this moment, the task characteristics of the bearing will be destroyed, and the bearing will be subject to large force on one side and easy to heat and damage. Even if it is not damaged, the gap will be enlarged in a short time. After the bearing clearance increases, the task straightness of the countershaft will be destroyed, and the needle roller bearing will be quickly damaged. What is more serious is that the damage will be transferred from the non-standard chain gear to the gearbox. It must be adjusted before use during installation.

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