Tomtom update gives users the latest features of TomTom that increase the speed of finding a location, speed with the lightweight application. Today we will discuss the tomtom get started with downloading and updating it. If you are a tomtom user, then you will get to know more about tomtom download and update. The updates are available for small as well as for large sat nav devices of Tomtom. The updates help you to know that how is traffic on which route, which route is better, safe, short for your travel, and others many additional features. The software you can proceed for Tomtom update are; TomTom GO, Motorcycle, TomTom Via, Truck, and TomTom Start. Updating the tomtom premium can ask for payment. 


Introduction –

For new Tomtom users, here is a brief introduction of Tomtom that will help you to know about it. Here it goes; Tomtom is the service that offers navigation and location tracker using Maps services. Simply, if you are driving or riding somewhere and want to know each and every moment activity with the path navigation, traffic, and others, then Tomtom is designed for you. You can get it from or any other site. It has GPS technology that updates you each time you travel. One can purchase its gadgets, such as a watch. Also, one must have to download the MyDrive Connect app for better navigation and activating Tomtom devices. On can use it on cars, large vehicles, motorcycles, and other travelling vehicles.


Tomtom Get Started – 

The one-step a user must take is log in with the Tomtom account. The second step a user must take is to download and install the application on their devices. These processes can be completed at the site. What you need to do is; go to the official and check for the option you want. Here, you can login to the tomtom account from the right top of the page. Also, you can download and install the software or application by choosing the product from the list. Now, one can follow Tomtom Get Started instructions from the given screen.

Before any step, you take, check your internet connection and system requirements. Because Tomtom installation, update, navigation, and other activities require a good internet connection, otherwise, you may face issues like server time out and others.


Tomtom Update –

Now, we will here talk about how you can update the Tomtom on your device. This process is applicable for only installed MyDrive application on the device. If you have not downloaded yet, then complete it with tomtom getstarted site and install the setup.

On the successful installation, if a new update occurs, then you will need to update the tomtom setup. Before it, complete two actions;

  1. Check the compatibility of your device. Ensure that you PC is compatible with MyDrive Connect. 
  2. Check whether you are using the MyDrive Connect latest version or not.


Once you complete and ensure these two actions, you can then follow the update procedure. Follow the below instructions;

  • Connect navigation device and computer, then turn on the device.
  • Open the MyDrive connect manually or automatically.
  • Check if you are or not logged in with the Tomtom account. If not, then enter the account details; email and password. One can choose "Remember my email address" for further ease.
  • Click on the "Update selected" tab. You will be seen what's new with this update, and here you need to "Accept and Install"so that you can continue with the update. "Notice - if it doesn't show any software update, it means on your navigation device is up-to-date. And so, you can disconnect the navigation device you are using from the computer, and you can skip the other steps." Otherwise, follow the next steps.  
  • Don't disconnect the navigation device and wait for the disconnect message.
  • It will display the message that you can disconnect the device, and it is safe.
  • On the completion of installation. In MyDrive Connect, check "YOU'RE READY TO GO!" message.
  • Click on the "My Content" so that you could return on the "My content" page. 

You are ready to use the navigation device.

Here you have completed the process of updates. For more information, you can read other blogs. In the case of other technical issues, you can directly contact the technical support team.


Gina Reese is a self-professed software developer, Her passion is just to write about, cryptography, softwares ,blocks ,social engineering, internet. She writes for TomTom Products at  tomtom update