Whether it is a household water purification equipment or a direct drinking fountain for public places, consumers always look at the filter element when purchasing, and ignore some accessories of the straight water dispenser, but these accessories are also crucial. For example, Water Dispenser Tap & Faucet(KOKOELECTRIC) have problems. On this day, even hundreds of people can't drink water in the next few days. Therefore, when purchasing a straight drinking fountain, it is necessary to find a regular straight drinking fountain brand manufacturer to ensure the quality of the straight drinking fountain and the later stage. Replace spare parts in time.

Then, if the accessories of the straight drinking fountain are broken and need to be replaced, how do you choose the accessories for the straight drinking fountain? Let Xiaobian introduce to you the correct way to purchase the right drinking fountain accessories.

First, how to buy the water dispenser tap & faucet correctly

Straight drinking fountain faucet

1. A good faucet is generally heavy and can be measured by hand.

2. Check if the faucet switch is smooth

3. Touch the tap with your hand to see if the fingerprint spreads or disappears quickly.

Straight water dispenser spool

Second, how to choose the direct water dispenser faucet spool

When purchasing, you can judge the quality of the spool according to the feel of turning the spool handle.

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