You recall from my previous article on Richard Miller RM 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure Slyvester Stallone, which has a choice of two bezel options. The small lever on the left side of the case releases the bezel with bayonet-style attachments. The simplest of these two bezels is the colored rotating navigation bezel. Although it is cool, its four font colors and concentric navigation information ring are too busy for me. Although you can use bezels for navigation purposes, I'm not sure if anyone will use them for this purpose.

The compass bezel attachment is more interesting and novel. The disadvantage of the compass bezel is that if you want a handy glance at your wrist, you can't really use it. The Richard Mille RM 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure watch's compass bezel is hinged and made in a true military invisibility that can be folded down to cover the dial. There is only a small opening in the lid, which can be viewed when the compass pointer points to the magnetic north. The hinge itself has a layer of exquisitely machined TPT carbon plate. Despite the texture, the carbon fiber insert on the titanium hood feels very smooth.

The compass needle itself is carefully processed-given its sharpness, it looks like it can be cut into bread. To view the compass on your wrist, lift the hood to stack it on the dial. Of course, the disadvantage of the compass is that you can't just read the time with the lid closed. Having said that, with the hood closed, you already have a tall tactical tuna can on your wrist, waiting for the conversation to begin, "What's hidden on your wrist?"

Personally, I find the compass to be a very interesting tool that may be worth marrying a luxury watch. Making them right is a challenge, so you rarely find a traditional physical compass needle on your watch. To be precise, from Casio to smart watches, there are a large number of digital compasses on various digital watches. I remember the last interesting mechanical watch with a compass was the Porsche Design P'6520 Heritage compass. You might call it "The Richard Mille RM 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure Poor Man". PorscheDesign P'6520 has never been "traditionally beautiful" but is still a cool object. Like Richard Mille, it has a hinge on the case, which is actually a module of the chronograph movement and dial. Press the button on the side of the case to release it so you can see the compass below. The Porsche Design P'6520 is obviously a more practical option (if you want to do this), and for just a Richard Miller RM 25-01, you can buy every P'6520 ever made Watch…

Richard Mille did beat the Porsche design in appearance and appearance. The Richard Mille RM 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure Watch is traditionally handsome, but because of its dazzling appearance and sophisticated execution method make up for its intricate design, it is called tradition. No one beats Richard Mille in terms of design or detail. The sheer volume of tiny, hand-finished, custom-made parts of the RM 25-01 and other such exclusive timepieces is impressive. Despite the larger size of the tourbillon adventure, it is also very wear-resistant. The 50.85 mm wide case is ergonomically designed to wrap your wrist – thanks to TPT carbon and titanium case materials, it is lightweight. Of course, without camouflage, it would not be a suitable watch for John Rambo.Corum Golden Bridge replica Watches

When I was watching Rambo as a kid, I didn't know how to make such a timepiece, even though I might really like it. No doubt I won't understand the price-this is an opportunity to point you to an article I wrote about why Richard Mille timepieces are so expensive. To properly understand such products, you need to understand not only watches and modern luxury goods, but also Stallone's relationship with the watch industry, and his own relationship as a trendsetter. Richard Mille has not yet discussed production quantities, but this will be a limited edition timepiece. It faces Sylvester Stallone, his close friends, and Richard Miller customers there, who not only need more adventure in their lives, but also long for the thrill of survival in the wild.