If you have any imports coming into the country from anywhere, you will need to go through an import clearance procedure in Dubai. With this, you will be able to keep a check on what is being imported and where it is going, as you are in the loop and the import professional working with you in Dubai.

Customs has made it very easy for you to enter the country if you want to do so. You can simply walk into any of the customs clearance offices in Dubai, just to say hi and visit the computer.

There is also good news for exporters who import goods to the UAE. This is because the customs clearance office in Dubai is now known as import clearance centre or ISI, which means Import, Export and Customs. All these stages in the handling of imports have been taken over by the new ITF.

International customs procedures are quite complicated and the customs clearance centre has taken it up as one of its activities. The rules of import and export regulations have changed and most of them have been incorporated into the new system.

There are many tasks that you have to deal with when you come to the Import clearance in Dubai or Import clearance center. These include entering your details, tracking the exact destination of the goods, examining the goods, comparing the goods with the required documents, inspecting the goods for compliance with regulations and declaring the goods.

Other than these, the Customs in Dubai is also responsible for recording all transactions that are carried out in UAE. All that the Import clearance in Dubai or Import clearance centre does is to keep track of what you have been doing during the importations. The information will be entered into the database and the staff will look at the details.

For example, a clerk will look at the time when you imported the goods, the destination of the goods, the taxes on the goods, the number of duty free shops, the shipping costs and the quantity of goods to be imported. All these will be looked at with an eye to know if the goods are legal or not.

Before you make any order, whether for a set amount or a specific quantity, it will be necessary to go through a form, which is called 'work and report' and ask for information about the kind of work that you are undertaking. This will be included in the customs clearance centre and the person who looks at the documents will make the final decision.

The turnover of each customs office has been growing, which is good news for Dubai as it means that there will be no direct competitors. The new system has given them an edge and they will certainly need it as the volume of traffic is still going up.

For those who will be doing the import clearance in Dubai or their whole business, it is important to ensure that all the documents are genuine and there is no doubt in anyone's mind about the accuracy of the report. An honest customer who has paid for a product that is not even close to the product that is being offered will never buy anything again from you.

Dubai has always been a thriving city of Dubai and at the moment the surge in trade is mainly driven by the new Import clearance in Dubai centres. This is because the old system of VAT is slowly changing and so are the rules of import clearance in Dubai.