The Free Zone clearance in Dubai is one of the major amenities offered by Dubai International Airport (DXB). The Free Zone clearance in Dubai is just one of the large hubs of activities for visitors to Dubai.

The Free Zone clearance in Dubai is situated on the south side of Dubai and within easy walking distance of the various international terminals. The Free Zone clearance in Dubai can be accessed easily by taking a taxi, local bus or just by walking.

If you are looking for great shopping in Dubai then you can try shopping malls in the Free Zone clearance in Dubai. It offers a wide variety of malls, from which you can choose the mall that best fits your budget. The malls are also within easy walking distance of the terminal building.

You can also have a look at some of the casinos in Dubai. There are also some other leisure centers like cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs where you can enjoy your day.

Dubai Golf course can also be found within easy walking distance of the main airport. The golf courses are located in three areas namely The Las Vegas, Dubai and The Beverly Hills.

The Dubai waterfront and Burj Dubai are also in close proximity to the airport. In these areas you can visit popular water sport places such as Atlantis, Aquarius, Seven Star, Just Cause and Playa Maarau.

The parks and playgrounds in Dubai are also worth visiting. Some of the parks are The Abu Dhabi, The Bush Gardens, George Town, Emirates Gardens, Discovery Park, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Al Nahda Gardens, Marina View Garden, Raja Amrath Garden, Al Rayyan Gardens, Floating Gardens, Palm Beach Gardens, Marina Park, The Residence Park, Playland, Shaikh Zayed Mosque Gardens, Elthman Park, The Zoo and Dubai Safari.

The Bus Terminal at Dubai airport is one of the most important places of transportation in Dubai. It serves as the main airport hub for the city and travelers and makes travel easier.

There are many buses serving the various parts of Dubai and the foreigners can avail the facilities of the buses at discounted rates. You can also avail the services of the Buses and enjoy the free bus transportation from The Emirates Airline's Terminal to all the points of entry and exit of the city.

The buses are also available in the bus terminal on the beach of Jumeirah Beach. This Beach is close to the International Airport and is also the best place to enjoy the free beach vacations.

Dubai hotels are also located in the vicinity of the terminals. The city has many budget hotels and the cheapest hotel rates are available near the terminal.

Free Zone clearance in Dubai