The year 2019 is rich in launches of new models of connected watches on the market. It's a good thing, but it also makes it harder to find the best
smart watch of the year. We have therefore reviewed the characteristics of the latest models from the biggest brands on the market to determine which are the best connected watches of 2019.

How did we go about determining which are the best connected watches of

Connected watches have become over time essential accessories for people who want to know their daily physical activity with precision. Currently, the offer is very wide and it is therefore difficult to make a choice. We looked at the latest models from the most popular and reputable brands on the market to review their features.
To compare them and make our selection, we took into account the following elements:

Quality: design of the different elements of the watch, resistance of the materials, mechanism and reactivity of the screen. Design: style of the connected watch, size and feel. Display: management of notifications and readability. Operating system: advantages and disadvantages.
Features: essential features offered.
Compatibility with smartphones: Android or Apple.
Do not hesitate to compare the different models that exist to find the perfect connected watch for your needs 🙂

How to choose your connected watch?

The first element to take into account when choosing your connected watch is the screen. In effect, determine their preference between an AMOLED screen, a needle screen or a touch screen.
The use of the watch (sport or daily life) is also important, as well as the functionalities which one wishes to benefit from and the compatibility with one's smartphone. Finally, the comfort of the bracelet is a significant factor to take into account when choosing your connected watch.

But don't forget that you have to take good care of your body, your posture every day but also your diet. Do not forget either the rest phases necessary for your body to recover from the hair of the beast 🙂

Our selection of the best connected watches of 2019
Apple Watch Series 4
It is currently considered as the best connected watch of the Apple brand, but also as the best in the world in 2019. It is a high-end watch much more
efficient than the Apple Watch Series 3. Its OLED screen is very responsive and offers great comfort in terms of readability. Its buttons and crown are very ergonomic, and Apple offers for this model several spare loops in order to modify its design as desired or to adapt it to different circumstances. This Apple Watch has 10 preinstalled features and has 16 GB of internal memory. The Watch, Activity and Health applications are very intuitive and compatible with
iOS. This connected watch is a model of precision, especially concerning the data from its GPS. Its autonomy is two days, and it represents the best option for people who hold an iPhone.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
This connected watch is mainly intended for athletes because of its functionality. In fact, it can automatically recognize six sports and puts a quarantine available to the user. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is waterproof up to fifty meters, so it is perfect for swimming. It has an OLED screen and a circular case, and weighs only 25 grams. This watch offers several useful features such as an NFC chip for making payments with Samsung Pay, a heart rate monitor, a barometer, an accelerometer and a gyroscope. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is compatible Bluetooth 4.2, its battery is rechargeable wirelessly, its autonomy is two days and it has 4
GB of storage space.

Huawei Watch GT
The Chinese brand Huawei has just launched into the connected watch market and the Watch GT is its first model. This watch stands out because of its great autonomy which can go up to fourteen days. The Huawei Watch GT has a discreet and efficient design with its metal frame and its silicone strap. It offers several useful features such as a magnetometer, a gyroscope, a heart rate sensor and a GPS. Its Health Mate application allows you to consult many statistics related to daily activity such as the number of steps and the duration of sleep. The finishes of this watch are successful, its autonomy is excellent and its AMOLED screen is of good quality.

The Withings Steel HR Sport
This connected watch stands out from its competitors with its superb design. Indeed, it has a round case, a leather strap and chrome hands. The Withings Steel HR Sport also has a small screen embedded in the dial that displays information and notifications. It is compatible with Android and iOS, offers a vibration wake-up and analyzes sleep cycles. It is an elegant model intended for sporting practice. This connected watch can estimate the VO2 Max of its wearer and offers GPS support. Finally, its autonomy can go up to twenty days.

The Fossil Q Commuter
It is a hybrid connected watch available in many styles (vintage, modern, etc.). The Fossil brand has recently launched into the production of smart watches and this model has a very nice design, a leather strap and neat finishes. The Fossil Q Commuter is water resistant to fifty meters and has two dials: one displays the time and the other displays daily activity . Its activity sensor measures in particular the number of steps, the calories burned, the duration of sleep or the distance traveled. This connected watch works on battery and its autonomy is about one year. It has three buttons on its right side which can be easily configured using the Fossil Q application.