Vixea Manplus   that's looking at central nervous system neurotransmitters so those are things in the brain that are released during sexual stimulation and what we know about these these neurotransmitters is that they can be very important in promoting overall vascular health and Men there's been a lot of research going into identifying these and knowing being able to to measure the levels Manplus  correctly and at one point in time we're going to talk about replacing them and men we're also looking at some some genetic studies identifying men who have who have low levels for a longer period of time who are at a higher risk of other vascular events like heart attack and stroke what we do know is that most erectile dysfunction is due to blood flow issues that is the number one and that's the hallmark of today's discussion so let's talk about blood flow for a second it's a sort of a scattered diagram here but what this is is the male pelvis this is the male skeleton here and this is the vasculature of the male pelvis this is the key blood.