AVG AntiTrack is provided by AVG technologies, which helps to track identities and devices using online techniques. This tool can similarly proceed to AVG download through www.avg.com/retail site. Here you also need AVG activation code to activate AVG AntiTrack at avg.com/retail page. The curiosity to Knowing about AVG AntiTrack must have taken to you here, and so we will let you know all the overview of this product of AVG.


What is AVG AntiTrack?

AVG AntiTrack is nothing but an identity protection application concerning with latest online tracking techniques. It creates a user’s digital fingerprint by injecting information into the data. This activity shows fake information to third parties who want to steal the data or use your identity as well as clears the cookies and browsing data of your browser.


Download and Install AVG AntiTrack

AntiTrack AVG download and installation is the easiest process from avg.com/retail for AVG users. you can follow the below process if you have AVG AntiTrack product key and want to install on your device;

  1. Go to  avg.com/retail webpage.
  2. Submit the AVG AntiTrack product key.
  3. Log in to AVG account and click download.
  4. On the setup icon avg_antitrack_setup.exe, right-click and tap on Run as administrator.
  5. Choose your language and click I Agree to continue with End User License Agreement.
  6. Wait for the installation and click Next.
  7. When it prompts for activation code, submit the code and activate it.
  8. Restart the device.


Why should you use AVG AntiTrack?

Whenever you connect your device to internet connectivity, the internet browser sites started taking your data as cookies or tracking techniques. Third parties, hackers, and data stealers are always sitting online to get your identity and other relevant information. This information may use in multiple uses as a negative side through the black market of the internet or making others fools using your identity and many other works that can blame you for crimes. To save you from all such activities, AVG technologies designed the AVG AntiTrack app so that hackers cannot track your ID for crimes easily.



AVG AntiTrack Features – Use AVG AntiTrack On Your Browser

  1. Using the AVG AntiTrack, you can find out which site is tracking you. You need to double-tap on the AVG AntiTrack application and open Privacy Status and go toTracking Attempts Blocked box; it will display you the Tracking Source and website.
  2. My Privacy Score is the feature that shows your site privacy score in numerical value as a medium, low or high.
  3. You can add the AVG AntiTrack browser extension.
  4. Other features like MY TRACKS, CLEAR DATA, COOKIE WHITELIST are available.
  5. You can easily remove browsing data from all of my browsers.


How does AVG AntiTrack work?

AVG AntiTrack is designed with a tracking technique that safeguards your identity. It creates digital footprints that are shown to trackers. But these footprints are fake, and so tracker or hacker won’t be able to steal your original id, and you will be safe. User has multiple works on online shopping, banking, money transfer, business work, and many others and so online safety of identity is essential.



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