Flip PoE Currency is not bad. For example, in betrayal, I flipped the pride before the fall card. The price of corrupt kaom is lower than 2ex, and the price of card is 30-50c, slightly higher than that of kaom. However, if you hit a good implicit, the result suddenly values 8 ex or more. If you open the card as a level 1 role, you have a 40% chance of corruption within the 8ex range.

Therefore, you have 60% chance to lose 20c and 40% chance to gain 6ex. On average, this is more than twice the profit, and the value of each card is 30C higher than the market price.

So I'm going to log in, check out the market at prides, open up real-time search and do some deals. I was even lucky and did almost perfect damage to kaom, which sold for 22ex. About 30 minutes per play, but that's the most lucrative thing I've ever done in Poe.

That's the best way to trade. Try your best to sell high value things to rich players to make a lot of money. I agree that the stereotype of flipping, making 1C or less per transaction, and competing with robots, is really boring.

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