Aluminum Winding Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) were once popular in China in the 1960s. All wire manufacturers in the country produced aluminum winding wires. However, due to the defects of aluminum conductors such as high resistivity, low tensile strength, large processing difficulty, welding difficulty, etc., which were difficult to overcome by themselves, and the gap between copper price and aluminum price was very small at that time, conductors for aluminum winding wires were gradually withdrawn from the historical stage and almost no manufacturers produced in China.

Because aluminum resources are much more abundant than copper resources and the price is lower, the application of aluminum winding wires can greatly reduce the cost of electrical products. In addition, the proportion of aluminum is about 1/3 lighter than that of copper, and aluminum winding wires can reduce the weight of electrical products and reduce freight and damage during transportation. For wire manufacturers, aluminum winding wires can greatly reduce the occupation of working capital and reduce financial expenditure. The production of aluminum winding wire has high technical content and high added value of output, which can create better economic benefits.

Judging from the current use range of winding wires, it is only limited to short-term use occasions such as microwave ovens and reactors, and less consideration is given to energy consumption. However, because the resistivity of aluminum is higher than that of copper, in order to achieve the same output rate and efficiency as copper wire in the design of motors and electrical appliances, the section and length of aluminum winding wire must be increased, resulting in the volume of subsequent products increasing and other supporting materials also increasing. More importantly, the resistivity increases and the energy consumption also increases. Therefore, the use of aluminum winding wire for long-term operation of motors and electrical appliances is limited.

In addition, a big factor in the rise of aluminum wire is the rise of copper price, but once the copper price falls and aluminum price rises, it will bring risks to the production of aluminum winding wire. Therefore, entrepreneurs should consider their advantages and disadvantages when investing in aluminum winding wires.

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