The shells of many common articles in our life are basically made of plastic, such as mobile phone shells, refrigerator shells, computer shells, air conditioning shells, etc. They are all produced by injection moulding. The shell of the product is also a link when consumers come into contact with the product. No matter what the product performance, beauty and technology are, if the quality of the product shell is not up to standard, it will leave a bad impression on consumers and directly affect whether the product can be sold successfully. Therefore, many manufacturers have strict requirements on the quality of the product shell. So what problems will we encounter when we process the Daily Necessities Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) for shell production?

1. The dimensional tolerance of the injection-moulded shell, if the size is too different from the size of the product itself, that is, the gap is very large, which is easy for consumers to find and leave the impression of inferior products.

2. The smoothness of the surface of the shell processed by injection moulding should leave a comfortable feeling when the consumer touches the shell. The smoothness has a great relationship with the design of the injection mould and the raw materials of injection moulding.

3. Paint the plastic casing evenly and clean up the peculiar smell in time.

4. The strength of the shell processed by injection moulding should be durable. Products such as general electrical appliances will take at least several decades. It is inevitable to bump and bump during this period, so the shell processed by injection moulding should have an impact, etc.

The pressure maintaining stage of daily necessities mould is also a stage of continuous pressure application. Under the condition of the increasing pressure of the injection moulding machine, the density of plastic gradually increases. During the pressure maintaining process of the daily necessities mould, the mould cavity of the daily necessities mould is slowly filled with plastic, resulting in the backpressure of the daily necessities mould is gradually increased. During the pressure maintaining process, the screw of the injection moulding machine moves forward slowly, and the speed of plastic is relatively slow. The flow, in this case, is called pressure maintaining flow. During the pressure maintaining stage of the daily necessities mould, the plastic is cooled, resulting in accelerated curing, increased melt viscosity and great resistance in the mould cavity. In the later stage of pressure maintaining, the density of materials continues to increase, and the plastic parts are also injection moulded. The pressure maintaining stage is not completed until the gate is solidified. At this time, the cavity pressure reaches a high value.

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