The tenter setting machine is a necessary finishing equipment for printing and dyeing plants. It is mainly used for tentering and heat set treatment of pure cotton, polyester-cotton and other blended fabrics, as well as the tentering and heat setting of various knitted fabrics. With the development of the textile printing and dyeing process, the market needs high-quality tenter setting machines to meet the process requirements. Of course, as the technology advances, the performance of the equipment is further improved.

In order to meet the market's demand for high-performance tenter and setting machine, we have made constant efforts to improve the equipment in terms of design, material selection and other aspects. In particular, the use of internationally popular frequency conversion drives enables the master-slave sub-chain synchronous position drive to be realized, and the master-slave ratio can be arbitrarily set to facilitate different process requirements. At the same time, the feedforward control parameters can be self-tuned to provide convenience for debugging and modification.

The technical requirements for stenter equipment can be summarized as follows: The composition of the complete system includes the infeed, needle up (top) system, rail system, amplitude modulation system, hot air circulation system, and cloth out system. Among them, the electrical control is always running through, and it is a key issue that needs to be considered. In this system, the electrical control system uses an AC variable-frequency sub-power speed control system.

In other words, during the operation of the stenter system, its main chain is driven by a variable-frequency motor and serves as a master commander. The transmission spline shaft is equipped with a rotary encoder as a speed signal for other follow-up units. The entire system requires a 1:10 speed range under constant torque load conditions, low failure rate, easy maintenance, simple operation, stable performance, and ideal synchronization.

At the same time, the control part of the tenter setting machine system adopts a programmable program controller, a touch screen, a frequency converter, and a button switch to control the whole operation. In addition to the requirements of the process, the accuracy of master-slave synchronous control of the entire cloth feeding and discharging system is required to be very high, which greatly improves the processing effect of the stenter.

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