Open bottom means that the pattern on the digital printing fabric(WANSHIYITEX) does not get enough color paste, and its color is light and unclear, revealing the ground color or fine pattern of the digital printing fabric is called open bottom.


1. Serious wrinkle of the fabric is not completely unfolded on the printing table, or serious wrinkle is caused when the garment pieces are laid. During printing, color paste cannot be obtained inside the wrinkle and on both sides of the raised wrinkle, thus revealing the background color of the fabric.

2. Due to the deformation of the plate frame, the plate is tilted away from the fabric laid on the table, resulting in insufficient sizing (even desizing) of some patterns.

3. When the scraper is running, the speed is fast, the pressure is small, the amount of slurry is insufficient, the scraper rubber is too hard, and the cutting edge is too sharp, etc., which are all easy to make the pattern insufficient.

4. Pattern, partial mesh blockage or too thick color paste will reduce the screen passing rate of color paste and result in insufficient size of pattern on fabric.

5. For thick fabrics with thick yarns or sparse weave, due to uneven fabric surface, the concave part is easy to get insufficient pulp.

6. The printing table is partially low-lying or uneven, which will make the pattern on the fabric insufficient.

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