With the rapid development of modern production technology, more and more high-tech products are put into use. Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) are the representatives of technological development. They can not only bring high-quality assurance to the processing and production of metal materials but also make a qualitative leap in improving the overall application efficiency. There is no doubt that enameled copper clad aluminum wire has the opportunity to continue to develop in today's use. What should we pay attention to in the actual use process?

The enameled copper clad aluminum wire adopts advanced cladding welding manufacturing technology to concentrically clad high-quality copper tape on the outer surface of core wires such as aluminum rods or steel wires, and to form a firm metallurgical bond between the copper layer and the core wires. The two different metal materials are combined into an indivisible whole, and can be drawn and annealed as a single metal wire is processed; during the drawing process, copper and aluminum are changed in the same proportion, and the volume ratio of the copper layer is kept relatively constant. Due to the "skin effect" characteristic of high-frequency signals, enameled copper clad aluminum wires have the same conductivity as pure copper wires when transmitting high-frequency signals. The enameled copper clad aluminum wire has the composite characteristics of copper conductivity and low density of aluminum, while the copper clad aluminum wire combines copper conductivity with high strength of steel.

I think you have read the introduction of this article and have a certain understanding of the unique performance of enameled copper clad aluminum wire. When you come into contact with such products, you will be able to better play the role of the products.

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