We all know that people's health is being threatened more and more now. It is a truth that everyone understands that diseases come from the mouth. In order to keep healthy, good use of water is the key. There are many impurities in tap water in our life, and long-term drinking is not good for our health, so many people now install water purifiers. Tap Filter & Shower Filter(KOKOELECTRIC) are also widely used. Next, let's take a look at the tap filter & shower filter.

1. Filter and purify water quality. Filtering is the main function of the tap filter & shower filter. It can completely remove the residual chlorine in tap water and remove silt, rust, heavy metals, peculiar smell, bacteria and various harmful substances in tap water.

2. Weak acidity and alkalinity for regulating water quality. Alkaline water is healthy water suitable for the human body to drink. The water quality of tap water itself has hardness and acidity and alkalinity. Both partial acid and partial alkali are harmful to human health. After the tap filter & shower filter are used, the acidity and alkalinity of water quality can be adjusted.

3. Remove peculiar smell and mineralize water quality. Tap filter & shower filter generally use activated carbon filter elements, which can remove residual chlorine, residual ammonia and other heavy metals in the water to make the water sweeter. The effluent is rich in 58 kinds of minerals and trace elements needed by the human body, which can maintain the nutritional balance in the human body.

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