In cold winter, many comprehensive home textiles four-piece sets are also slightly cold, so many people will consider Plush Fabric For Home Textiles(WARPKNITTEDFABRIC) when consumers choose home textiles in winter. What kind of fabric is the plush fabric for home textiles? Why does it feel warm to choose the plush fabric for home textiles in winter?

After pretreatment (desizing, boiling, bleaching, mercerizing, etc.) of common grey cloth, the cloth surface is very smooth and flat. Plush fabric for home textiles is made by rubbing the cloth surface with a roller wrapped with sand skin to grind a layer of fluff on the cloth surface. Home textile enterprises will generally determine the degree of sanding according to the requirements of fabric thickness, product style, hand feel, etc.

There are many types of sanding, such as common sanding, water milling, carbohydrate bristles, etc., sanding has sand skin sanding, such as the market common all polyester several skin velvet, peach skin velvet, all-cotton Italian velvet, etc., steel thorn sanding such as lycra ragged velvet, warp and weft weaving all kinds of sanding cloth.

Different numbers of sand skins are coated according to different cloth types, and then the cloth surface is given a certain tension on the sand skin rollers running at high speed of the sanding machine, and slowly passes through. After the friction of the six sand skin rollers on the cloth surface, the cloth surface has dense fluff.

The sanding product is a functional product and is a post-finishing of printing and dyeing. The sanding bedding is soft, warm and comfortable to use in winter, and the price is also relatively high because the wool is better and reactive printing is necessary. Worsted fabric is a kind of cotton fabric that is only qualitatively changed in appearance through the friction between the sanding machine and emery leather. That is to say while maintaining the original properties of the fabric, a layer of short nap layer is formed on the surface of the fabric. While giving the fabric a new style, it not only reduces the thermal conductivity of the worsted fabric but also increases the warmth retention and softness. Its colour is eye-catching, its hand is soft, and its appearance is plump and pleasing to the eye.

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