What is a mold protector? Mold protector, also known as mold monitoring, electronic eye, is mainly a mold protection system for real-time monitoring, control and detection of various types of plastic injection moulding injection molding machine operation. Because in the industrial manufacturing process, the loss of molds of many companies is very serious.

In view of the irregularities and particularities of different products, despite many measures for mold protection, it is still impossible to avoid mold damage. Economic loss and personal injury. The mold monitor uses the machine vision comparison function and the powerful computing speed of the computer CPU to perform real-time arithmetic processing on the image data. By analyzing the captured image during the running of the machine, the operation of the injection molding machine can be intelligently monitored, and the product can be effectively tested. And check the presence or absence of residue before clamping to prevent mold damage, suitable for the suitability of various brands of injection molding machines. When the injection molding machine is in place, the output signal triggers the mold protector, which continuously takes the image of the mold cavity and monitors whether the ejector pin ejects and falls.

When it is monitored that the workpiece is completely falling, the mold monitor sends a confirmation signal to the injection molding machine to start the next cycle. If the workpiece does not fall or there is any debris between the molds within the set time, the mold monitor sends an abnormal signal to stop the injection molding machine and alarm.