Touch pass

This is done by simply pressing the receiver buttons on both controllers twice. In Madden NFL 20, this pass is a slow pass, and the orb should work properly with defenders and Angus. For an attacker or defender, the pass is easy to catch. They are the most accurate pass you can make. As you know, it's a slow pass, but it still has more time to fly in the air, and it will rise a little bit, even for the quarterback, it's difficult for them to deflect. When you have enough space between the top and the bottom, just touch the pass and get MUT Coins.

Low pass

You can do this by holding L2 / LT and simultaneously pressing the receiver button. Remember, it's hard to pass because it's cheap for one obvious reason. The pass is usually aimed at the thighs and knees, so they are more likely to be overturned.

In this pass, the receiver lands immediately, so don't walk any yards while there is a good chance of receiving the orb. When fighting for the orb, the pass is likely to be knocked down. Remember, if you are away from quarterback, this pass will be blocked. You get the most out of running parallel to the line of contention.

high pass

Use this pass when you need a very tight pass. As the name suggests, this is Qualcomm, which will surpass the head of major league baseball. But if major league baseball is good and tall, maybe he'll catch it, but that's the option you'll choose to cover.

You can do this by holding lb / L1 and pressing the receiver button. There is much less chance that the pass will be underperformed. If your catcher can cover a few yards and only one defender can handle it, this pass is your best choice and can be used best.