instant keto  catch me in my you know my fake life you know like I didn't really want to come out and show people how sad and tired and unhappy I was so it was easier just easier just to hide in different life and stay in a little perfect bubble but that comes at a cost I hid from life for like 15 16 years I lost friends by disconnecting and not wanting to be part of life again I had fertility issues when with my husband trying to create our to be an emotional journey I would have said you're crazy I would have never thought I could possibly have had a problem I'd have never admitted that and I personally would have never thought that I would be more happy with the mental side of the challenge versus the weight loss like the number and the scale the scale is what I what was just such a burden to me for so many years and all along it was the mental side that was really the problem it wasn't the number of the scale it was my reaction of my self