1. The more Tap Filter & Shower Filter(KOKOELECTRIC) elements, the better.

The more filter elements in the tap filter & shower filter, the better. Some low-end water purification products have four or five filter elements at any time, but they all use simple filter materials, and the filtering effect may not be as good as a high-performance filter element. For the final filtration of drinking water, disposable filter elements should be used as much as possible to avoid secondary pollution.

2. Just look at the brand without considering the speciality.

Many well-known brands belong to businesses that operate a variety of household appliances. Their goal is to meet the ordinary living needs of the low and middle-end market and only produce low-grade ordinary water purification equipment. However, the complexity of domestic water purification, especially direct drinking water, is a team that needs professional research and development. Therefore, we should try our best to choose the brand of water purification equipment made by professional water purification enterprises, which will not only ensure the technical quality but also provide you with more professional services.

3. Activated carbon filtration technology is out of date.

Not so, activated carbon is the best filtering and adsorbing material in nature. Activated carbon is used in almost all tap filter & shower filter. If activated carbon is not used, no matter how high the filtration accuracy is claimed, the taste of the effluent will be reduced. There are three types of activated carbon: granular, powdered and activated carbon rod. The first two types are low in cost, but the filtration is often incomplete. The latter is a safer choice and can achieve 100% complete filtration.

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