Most toy fillings are processed according to certain standards and are harmless to the environment. Most fillings are biodegradable.

The filling of artificial toys is artificial, but some are mixed with natural fibers, such as cotton, flax and wool.

100% Polyester Plush Fabric For Toy(WARPKNITTEDFABRIC) is a synthetic fiber extracted from petroleum. It is usually woven with silk made of natural synthetic fiber. It is round, smooth in surface, good in elasticity, easy to wash and dry, and has good thermoplasticity. Almost all plush dolls in toy factories now use this material as a filler for fur materials and plush toys.

100% polyester plush fabric for toy is currently the most commonly used toy filler, which is used for making dolls and stuffed animal toys made in families. Have very lightweight, especially suitable for children's toys that you want to be very light.

Teflon filler is a kind of polyester plush fabric with a slightly higher density. This makes it a medium weight filling that can be filled firmly or loosely.

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