Elegant wine boxes and pretty kraft envelopes - please welcome our newest members of the packaging family.

In recent months, we have implemented significant changes in our product line. While our main shipping boxes were recognized as rather ordinary , the recent addition of polymail bags and kraft bags gave you the opportunity to create sets of the most original and beautiful packaging. With the introduction of the product basket, the design of a whole range of packaging products has also become much easier.

That said, your appetites increase and we strives to be at their height. From now on you can find two new products in our shop.

Customizable wine boxes are a gift packaging solution, ideal for packing a bottle of alcohol, olive oil or any other liquid. Kraft envelopes will complete your packaging and give you a great brand opportunity.

Would you like to know how to design custom wine boxes and kraft envelopes, what are the possible variants and other details? Take a look below.

Custom wine boxes
Wine is an elegant and universal gift, is not it?

Therefore, it deserves a packaging just as special to accompany it. Our customizable wine boxes in our product range are made of cardboard (a much lighter material than our shipping boxes ). They are designed to serve as a perfect gift wrap. We offer a one size, but there are two different versions.

design wine boxes

Two variants of personalized wine boxes
These sleek and elegant boxes are available in two variants.

White -  its power lies in the imprint of the complete CMYK palette. You can give free rein to your imagination and express your brand in the color of your choice.
Natural Kraft - The brown color of this variant is perfect for a minimalist design. Add an artistic sketch in black or simply place your logo.

Your perfect boxes for ...
There are many ways to use customizable wine boxes. If you are responsible for a wine shop , you can sell each wine in your branded packaging.

Tip: Remember that many people offer wine as a gift - if your design is extraordinary, it will also be an essential part of the gift.

Your company's events could also be a good opportunity to order wine boxes. A bottle of good wine is a great gift for an employee. You can discover here the role of packaging in an event and how to make it beautiful .

Who else could be interested? If you are a producer of olive oil or craft beers , cans will also be an excellent solution. You can present your product in branded wine boxes and sell them to enrich the experience of your product.

Some more details about wine boxes
Your time is precious - wine boxes are built so that editing is extremely easy. We also add a cardboard bottom to make each box more stable. Less assembly time means more time for all the other things you have to do.

The standard production time of our wine boxes is 21 days, but if you are in a hurry, we are here for you. You can choose express production. We will put you in front of the queue.

As with all our boxes, the minimum order is 30 pieces.


Kraft envelopes
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of envelopes?

Probably simple pieces of white paper (with optional bubble wrap inside) that you can buy at a post office.

Well, kraft envelopes are a lot more than that. This is an ideal postal packaging solution to meet the needs of any e-commerce brand. Sending your documents or a gift card to your customers in a custom envelope is a much more sophisticated way and offers a better experience.

We explain below what these kraft envelopes are, how to use them and what variants we offer to meet your expectations.

Two variants of kraft envelopes
We offer two versions of envelopes.

White is available in full CMYK printing. You can create beautiful colorful graphics on both sides of your envelope.
Natural kraft is also available in full CMYK printing. However, we recommend choosing a more minimalist approach. The brown base recalls the natural cardboard (as with our shipping boxes), giving gorgeous look with white or black prints.
Both options are made from lightweight cardboard, which makes them a much stronger solution than a traditional mailing envelope.

Tip: Match your envelopes with the rest of your packaging. If you like the natural and organic style of cardboard, choose the natural kraft version. On the other hand, the fully printed variant will be a great addition to your quadrichrome shipping boxes.

The envelopes are perfect for ...
What can you send in an envelope? We have some ideas:

The documents (we have two formats available (A4 and A5) and they are perfect for sending all types of documents.With a sealed closing mechanism, you can be sure that the objects placed in the envelope will travel in all security.
Photos and graphics,
Gift certificates and gift cards (add a word of thanks inside to make them more memorable and personal)
Catalogs for your customers,
And all the other flat items. These are just a few suggestions, but the range of possibilities is probably much broader. You decide which objective will work best with your brand.

peel and stick

Other information to know about kraft envelopes
Envelopes can be a great way to take the opportunity to create a visual identity. All the types of documents you need to send will look more professional when sent in a branded envelope.

The standard production time of kraft envelopes is 21 days . However, you can also choose express production in 14 days. The expedition takes 3 to 5 days.

Each envelope includes a sealing band that fixes the inside. It's an easy-to-use mechanism - just to give you extra comfort in safety.