Most people have the experience that when they were young, they had unique hobbies or habits, but these habits were eventually abandoned as they grew older. WoW Classic may eventually become this way. Although many players have expressed their expectations and subscribed to World of Warcraft for this, most of them will eventually return to Cheap WOW Classic Gold modern WoW. Because WoW Classic does require more polish, players tend to choose the easier games and complain about WoW Classic.

It's like getting along with each other. When two people just met, good times are always easier to remember. But as time goes on, all kinds of complaints and mistakes will gradually cover happiness. So the final result of WoW Classic will only have two kinds. Either the player chooses to quit the game, or Blizzard adjusts the game according to the player's requirements and attracts them to continue playing. However, Blizzard cannot adjust WoW Classic, because nostalgia is exactly what it means, otherwise WoW Classic will become the second modern WoW.

Ion Hazzikostas is the game director of World of Warcraft, and he said "you think you do, but you do not" before the release of WoW Classic. He believes that each server will have tens of thousands or more players when the game is first released, but the population will eventually shrink to thousands. Obviously, he expressed pessimism about WoW Classic. He felt that nostalgia can only temporarily attract players' interest, but difficult challenges and long grinds will make players feel resigned.

But this business still has a very significant impact on Blizzard's revenue. WoW Classic always allows players to recall those best games, which helps to further enhance Blizzard's brand awareness, and may attract some players to join modern WoW. Importantly, players do n’t need to pay for WoW Classic separately. They only need to pay $ 15 a month to subscribe to World of Warcraft to experience modern WoW and WoW Classic at the same time. Nostalgia always attracts groups of players. As long as one person is attracted to WoW Classic, he will start an adventure journey with his real friends.

In fact, hundreds of players have already posted in the community that they are repaying subscription fees for WoW Classic. Some beginners are the first to hear about World of Warcraft. They see friends playing this game, and curiosity drives them to join this magical fantasy world. For me, ZZWOW add best site for players getting Vanilla WOW Gold.

Whether Classic is still interesting to players may not matter. It helped Blizzard increase general interest in World of Warcraft, and either way will help.