Sliding locks give an added security level to sliding display doors, enclosures and retail cases. The sliding lock also come with a high security patented pagoda keyway that is virtually pick proof. These push locks are perfect for retail business and home applications. This lock comes with a spring loaded, pop-out cylinder and it requires no key to lock. Simply push on the cylinder to relock.

  It’s resistant to bolt cutters and hacksaws so it’s a seriously tough nut to crack. For additional security, it comes with keys to lock and unlock the bolt when you want to use the sliding glass patio door.For vertical, horizontal, left-handed or right-handed applications. The design of door bolt lock is simple and easy to use.Your doors should easily slide open, we will make sure you don’t need nothing more than a gentle push to slide your doors open or slide them shut.

  OULAI produces high-quality sliding locks. If you are interested in our sliding lock, please contact us and we look forward to working with you.