So you’re working hard but at the end of the day you’re still broke.

Then you think that there must be some other way to make both ends meet.

If you’re working for eight long hours a day as an employee, the fix salary that you earn might not be enough.

I felt that way two years back.

Our daily needs keep on getting high stretching my pocket to the edge. I needed to do something!

So what’s my trick to earn extra money?

No, it’s not really a trick, it’s an honest way, and not even following the easy-money-scheme.

So if you’re looking for the easy-money-making, please do not proceed.

I am earning HONEST money on my breaktime and I’m sharing this based on experience.


What do you need?

In order to earn money during my breaktime, I need #1 - PHONE or PC / Laptop; #2 – Internet connection; and #3 – my cup of coffee :-)


What do I do as I take my cup of coffee?


Paid surveys.

Paid surveys may not be available all day so it’s good to check it during breaktime.

Some surveys are really short your coffee will not go cold.

I usually earn $0.50 the least per survey.

I you haven’t tried it, try it now.

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Paid posts and comments.

Writing is my hobby so I don’t consider it a work. Writing on forums and commenting on threads are very interesting way of taking a break from my work.

So if you’re into writing, too, then see you on this site.

You are cordially invited to join us and showcase your writing skills.

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Well, this one works when I’m too lazy to do anything. I just have to do the mining while I chitchat with my friends.

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Affiliate marketing

Now if you have a lot of time, then I advise you to do some online business.

Make use of your writing skills in advertising products. Monetize your blog, if you have, with this.

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Again, I would not recommend these ways if I hadn’t tried them.

I hope you enjoy your cup of coffee.