1. First article inspection

ECCA Manufacturer(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) should be very important for the first article inspection. Because problems can be found at the beginning, problems can be handled, preventive measures can be formulated, and batch nonconformities can be avoided, which plays a very critical role. A worker started an extruder in the morning, and when the temperature reached, he began to consume. Then this is the first piece inspection, to check whether the temperature of the extruder has reached the regular temperature, the gloss of the discharged material, the presence or absence of colloidal particles, non-plasticized particles, etc. If there is, it is stated that the heat preservation time is not enough, and the startup at this time is bound to cause quality problems. When nonconforming products are found, they shall be analyzed and preventive measures shall be formulated.

For the first article inspection, self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection can be introduced. For the above three kinds of inspection, self-inspection means that the operator has a higher probability of finding hidden dangers than special inspection. There are many production machines in the workshop and it is impossible to have every special inspection on startup. At this time, self-inspection should play its role and this is also the gateway to prevent nonconforming products from flowing into the next process. However, it is often contrary to the fact that inspection depends on special inspectors, which is also a kind of bad concept. Quality requires the participation of all personnel, not that person's obligation, but everyone's obligation. Quality progress is based on the understanding of norms and the sensitivity of application. Everyone can be a quality inspector. Changing ideas will solve the problem.

2. Tour inspection

Tour inspection is a full inspection of the workshop process by quality inspectors, believing that the inspection can enhance the frequency of important processes and data, and the occurrence of problems is instantaneous. Operators should be urged to familiarize themselves with the production process rules of ECCA wire and check the implementation status. If the itinerant inspection is not timely, batch nonconformities will also occur.

3. Completion inspection

Completion inspection is an inspection method for one and a half pieces of waste ECCA wire, and it is verified whether the ECCA wire meets the request rules.

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