There should be a certain judgment standard when purchasing Air Cooler Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) accessories. What characteristics can a product be called a high-quality air cooler mould?

1. Wear resistance

Air cooler mould fittings are tools used to shape the blank, which is prone to wear in the friction with the blank. Therefore, the wear-resistant type of mould material is one of the most basic properties. Only with wear resistance can it be called a good quality air cooler mould fitting.

2. Strength and toughness

The use environment of the air cooler mould is usually harsh and it needs to be subjected to large impact load when making the mould. If the strength and toughness of the mould parts are too low, they will break at work, so the mould needs to have higher strength and toughness.

3. High-temperature resistance

Air cooler mould fittings with leading sales usually have high-temperature resistance because the temperature is higher when the air cooler die is working, and if the air cooler die fittings have poor high-temperature resistance, the plastic deformation will fail. Therefore, the mould fittings should have strong high-temperature resistance to ensure that the accuracy of the air cooler mould fittings can still be maintained at high temperature.

4. Cold and heat resistance alternation

Some special moulds are heated and cooled repeatedly in the processing process, so air cooler mould fittings with strong cold and heat alternating resistance should be selected when selecting mould fittings, which can still maintain the hardness and dimensional accuracy of the air cooler mould fittings when the blank is continuously subjected to cold and heat exchange, and avoid the occurrence of plastic deformation.

The high-quality air cooler mould should be able to maintain its precision and hardness in use. Therefore, the high-quality mould fittings should have to wear resistance, high-temperature resistance and alternate heat and cold resistance. Only the mould fittings with these properties can become the mould fittings with leading sales volume. These characteristics are also the evaluation criteria for evaluating the quality of a moulded fitting.

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