In the decor world, window hardware is often synonymous for curtain rods, holdbacks and other “hard” items related to the soft-goods world of window treatments.But when you’re talking windows, hardware takes on a whole new meaning. Window hardware makes the window function properly, such as sash hardware (locks, lifts, pulleys and cords), latches, hinges, stays, bolts, cranks and even specialty items like window bars.

  At OULAI, safety is our number one priority, and many of the options below are designed to keep you and your family safe. We also believe that window hardware should accentuate – not detract – from the aesthetic and ease of use, so we created hardware with this goal in mind. Our window night latches and window opening control devices help to prevent accidental falls, and most of our window and door hardware can be custom color-matched to go with your window's and home's style so you don't have to sacrifice a sophisticated look to keep your family safe and sound.

  The quality of the window hardware produced by OULAI is super good. If you are interested in our window hardware, please contact us and we look forward to working with you.