Due to the high frequency of daily use of Air Cooler Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) and the harsh construction environment, the daily maintenance of mould parts is particularly important. Good daily maintenance is enough to prolong the service life of the mould parts and to give full play to its advantages in the daily use of the air cooler mould.

1. Replacement of damaged parts

Spring and other elastic parts are the most likely to cause problems in the use of air cooler mould. Generally, they are prone to breakage and deformation. If such breakage occurs, it can only be handled by replacement. During the replacement process, attention should be paid to the selection of matching spring specifications and models. Even the punch head of a die accessory with a leading sales volume may be broken and bent. Proper water infiltration during use can prevent the punch head from heating and reduce wear. If damaged, parts of the same specification can be purchased for replacement.

2. Daily demagnetization maintenance

The cutting edge of the air cooler mould must be polished after long-term use, so as to ensure that the sharpness of the mould fittings remains the same. After grinding, demagnetization must be carried out, and the mould must not be magnetic, otherwise blocking will occur. Good quality air cooler mould parts need to pay more attention to the usual maintenance when there is a small problem in a timely manner to prevent the problem from expanding.

3. Check and maintain pressed parts

In daily use, pressing parts such as pressing plates shall be inspected and maintained frequently, and damaged parts shall be repaired in time. In case of air leakage of pneumatic parts, corresponding measures shall be taken according to specific conditions.

Any equipment and machinery need to be maintained in daily use so that its effect can be fully exerted and its service life can be greatly prolonged. In daily maintenance, the air cooler mould should be replaced in time for damaged parts, demagnetized for daily maintenance, and checked and maintained for related equipment. Only by implementing these three points in daily use can the mould be protected from damage to a greater extent.

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