Some friends will have some doubts when purchasing electromagnetic wires because they do not know much about their industry knowledge. This is a problem many friends will encounter in their first contact. Here ECCA Manufacturer(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) will introduce some basic types of this problem for you.

Enameled wire is actually not completely equal to the electromagnetic wire. Enameled wire is only one kind of electromagnetic wire family. Electromagnetic wire is a word with great meaning, because as large as electrical machinery and as small as mobile phones, many machines need to use electromagnetic wire as long as it is in contact with electric power, and electromagnetic wire is also divided into enameled wire, winding wire, inorganic insulated wire and special electromagnetic wire due to factors such as usage environment of channels.

1. Enameled wire

This is the electromagnetic wire family we are more in contact with is also used in the market, the scope of use is relatively wide, because of its wide use so we have the problem of misunderstanding. Our common enameled wire is polyester imide enameled wire.

2. Winding wire

This kind of electromagnetic wire is usually wrapped on bare wires or enameled wires with insulating materials such as insulating paper, glass wire, paper wire and so on.

3. Inorganic insulated wires

The insulating layer is made of ceramic, glass film and other materials.

4. Special Electromagnetic Wire

This kind of electromagnetic wire is selected according to special occasions, such as high frequency winding wire, submersible motor winding and other special purposes.

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