• My love is like the sunrise
    Which never fades and fails.
    My feelings are like the dews
    Dropping even fresh to spring
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  • What is joy if known alone?
    What is smile if there's no one?
    What is success if no one
    To celebrate with tonight?
    Nice meditation
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  • Poem: comforter
    No day in my life that
    I never felt how early we part.
    My motherly love and presence
    Vanished today like incense.

    Many now awake to parental
    Care, for they as accidental
    Now know what such exit
    Is. I wholeheartedly miss you,
    Wishing against all to have you.

    Nature in her ways so motherly
    Have chosen this day so dearly
    To perfect a sound duplicate
    Of you. For this to authenticate

    Itself, your living spirit visited.
    Your message never changed
    So are the deed of your second.
    I quickly and with fond

    Unite with you again.
    Now my lasting pain
    Is gone. Through her marrows
    You live up to tomorrow.
    John Elvis: "tribute to the lost ones"
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  • Poem: soulmate
    I don't know why my plea
    To a friend turns to a rejection.
    I don't know why when seeking
    A shoulder to lean on my tears
    I always meet a mockery ones.

    I don't know why my gnashing
    Never seem true to outer man.
    Earthly ferries melt the heart
    As the eyes feed on dire phenomenons which fade away.

    Things seem providentially right
    When done according to others
    Volition, decision and direction.
    Such a life through mirror!
    A reflection! Only a reflection.

    Time which is the bearer
    Of season and weather,
    Has a sure way to blossom
    Every specie under its care.
    It doesn't matter the conditions.

    Beauty is not universal,
    And all beauties are not by sight.
    For multiple friends engender
    Multiple confusions. (But a soulmate brings communion)For you will
    Try to please all.

    As for me I diligently seek
    Day and night my soulmate.
    Our unification shall draw down
    Favour and Blessing.
    She won't ever be a mistake.
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