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  • Hi everyone. I'm new to this site. Hope we'll get in touch here.
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  • How to be a real Christian?

    Sometimes the questions are these, Lord am I your daughter/son? , Am I doing the things that you like? , Do you ever like me? , Then why do I feel that sometimes I am far away from you?

    Those questions actually run on our mind. Isn't it?

    Well, I've been a Catholic Christian since birth but I am not biased. I respect other religions. What we believe is what matters most.

    We are human. We know what is wrong from what is right. And to know God is to know his work. Loving people even if it's your enemy is hard. But we are just human. Maybe time is the only thing we need to heal the pain and forgive people for us to love one another. Serving and helping people is what God wants us to do. You see that there is no religion there.

    In connection with the questions I told a lately, how do you think can we take it as a positive one?

    Of course, there are many religions out in the world but one thing for sure is that we only believe in ONE GOD. If you feel that God doesn't love you today then reverse that thinking to, why am I still alive right now? Why do I still breathe? Maybe God is up to something better in your life. You still have a purpose play in this world. He has his plan that assures your future. The only thing you need is to love Him, Serve him, and come back to Him. God is everywhere. He loves us. God can forgive, only if you say you still need Him. #christian #believe #havefaith #bepositive #loveconquersall #religion
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