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  • We messed up a basketball match
    I am probably gonna get hate with this but 2K is not basketball and cheap nba 2k20 mt most of those fucking reviews that state 2K is the best and most realistic basketball game is a fucking joke when it's only contest is NBA Live. There's a reason a lot NBA players don't play 2K. They invest so much damn money on a fucking storyline with actors and shit just for a fucking cosmetic. Ya it was...
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  • In the current condition of NBA 2K
    Everyone knows they added a fresh build system this year rather than the previous double archetype system they were using. Some people were happy for cheap nba 2k20 mt coins this, and it is not a bad system in any way. I enjoy the concept of having the ability to control by directly changing his attributes what my player can and can not do. But when I see Pure Lockdowns on the playground...
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