Basic Info
  • Marriage Readiness:
    50% Ready
  • About The Type of Man or Woman I want to Marry or Date:
    Tall, fair, honest and trustworthy, a Christian and with a job.
  • Mixed Labor Agency (MLA ) is a labor staffing or hiring company for both skilled and unskilled hands . in other words,we help your company hire both skilled and unskilled hands both temporary and permanent. examples are


    Suppose you have experience, training and certifications. MLA has temporary staffing opportunities for plumbers, carpenters, electricians, AC techs, certified drivers, and other areas of expertise.  All types of skilled work is available.  Contact us for work today!


    There’s always a possibility that you may lack many of the aforementioned skills, but are perfectly capable of performing other job functions.  That’s great!  MLA has work for you too! Workers are always needed for work such as debris cleanup, loading/unloading, sweeping, digging, trash removal – the opportunities are endless!

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