• Yes, there are those times when you stare into an abyss because all hope seems lost. The fear is there, conquering us. But remember, these are normal. All of these, we must endure; the pain we're suffering because of self-hate, the sorrows, and the darkness. We must conquer our fears. We must do what we do without fear conquering us, and we must learn to love and trust the ones who will be there for us. We are not alone, they're with us. Families, Friends, and our Lord God, they're the ones who will be there. And that's how we can assure that we will be able to be the best we could be without having fear.
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  • Lastly, the most important things needed in overcoming our fears are love and trust. Learn to trust and love yourself. Don't hate yourself if you fail once or twice, this may be the reason why overcoming your fear is hard. And then, trust yourself and trust God. I've read a very good quote and it says, "Courage is fear that has said it's prayers", meaning that if we pray, our fear can become courage. You have to turn your sight and gaze upon the skies; and undoubtedly, our loving God will come and wipe the tears from your eyes; he will turn your fears into happiness and joy. And also, you can gather moral support from your family and friends. This will help a lot in gaining confidence.

    Yes, we all know that overcoming our fear is not an easy task but what I'm saying here is, not because it isn't easy means it's impossible, right? We should not let ourselves get stuck in this moment. We should step up! There are many good happenings in life that are waiting for us once we overcome our fear. We can make it happen if we strive hard enough.
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  • First, we should recognize our fears and realize that fear is a thing that we need to overcome in order for us to have a better life. We ahould also realize that failing is normal. We always tend to have fear because we are afraid of failing. But remember this: failing is normal. Accept the fact that we people are not perfect, and that we make mistakes, hence, it is okay to fail. We should not let this fear of failing overcome us and hinder us from achieving our goals in life!

    Second, picture a situation in your mind wherein you are doing something that you fear. Imagine that you are doing this thing confidently without fear conquering you. In this way, the chance of having positive thoughts is high because in fighting fear, negative thoughts are your worst enemies. And you need to fight these negative thoughts running through your mind. We need to learn how to control or stop it in order for relaxation and calmness to come in. Breathing before doing something you fear is very important as a tip that many proffesionals recommend. Keep the flow of oxygen in your body and brain.
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  • Fear comes from the stressful stimulus that ends with a sudden release of chemicals that cause our heart to race, which will make our breathing fast and a sudden burst of energy, etc. In other words, fear activates our flight or fight response. Fear may be associated with good or bad outcomes; it depends upon the individual on how he/she handles it.

    So how do we face something we fear? We can overcome it in a process that involves a lot of steps. We can't just beat our fear in just a blink of an eye. Courage and determination are some things that you will need in overcoming your fear. Just remember that when you feel that the world is against you, shout it out loud that it's not only about who you are at the moment; it's about who you will be in the future. Thus, in overthrowing our fear, we need to evaluate ourselves so that we can prepare for the circumstances that may happen upon facing our fears; it's a big factor to be prepared because it may be a matter of the life and death of your whole well being.

    We need to be prepared in overcoming our fear so that we can withstand the immense pressure that it brings us; we need to stay calm; be clear in our objective once we have reached the limit of our comfort zone and our fear. But how can we?
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  • Is there a point in your life in which your heart is terribly scared, your hand shaking, your feet trembling and you see nothing but darkness? You're always weeping, you're bruised, full of contusions from life's problems. You're full of doubts, fear, overthinking, and negative thoughts. When you feel you're on the verge of collapse, brink of falling apart, when you're on the threshold of what you can bare, yet no one seems to care?
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