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  • Marriage Readiness:
    Not applicable business only!

    When I started my business ... I wanted TIME & FINANCIAL FREEDOM so bad! It was one thing I saw as a big luxury and coming in contact with an opportunity that will afford me that, was a dream come through.

    I found this amazing opportunity and it has changed my life from a low income earner to a multiple six figures earner, an opportunity that allows me work from home, have fun, connect with amazing people every day, and still have time for my family because family still comes first! 馃懌馃拺

    I empower women and young ladies to make a living and earn extra income! so why not come and change your life too.

    I want to extend this gesture to 25 ladies to train and mentor them to be financially independent.

    An internet enabled phone
    You must be ready to be coach able and to learn
    Must be hungry for success
    Start up capital of 20k or 35k

    For interested participants,

    Click on the link below to chat me up
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  • Talk and do company can never disappoint 馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀

    This brand new Hyundai Creta was delivered to my team leader Onyinye Okoye With papers of three years inclusive

    This morning in Makurdi for free.

    Yes you heard me well for freee ooooo馃幒馃幒馃幒馃幒馃幒馃幒馃幒馃幒馃幒馃幒馃幒馃幒馃幒

    Who does that? The answer is simple ORIFLAME ...

    Oriflame is no JOKE 馃檮

    When we say Oriflame changes lives is not just a cliche but a reality.

    She joined just to make money ,look good and have fun and now brand new car 馃殫 owner......

    The time to say yes is now now now

    Who is taking that bold step this month?

    Can you slide let’s talk business 馃懇‍馃捇

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  • Join my team this month for financial freedom!!
    Work from your comfort zone and earn mouth watery salary
    Get free coaching on how to be your own boss,make money,look good and have fun
    We partner with a company that produce nature based products such as makeup,bodg lotiob,perfumes,sprays etc馃憞
    鉁呪渽We buy products at 23% discount and resell to make 30%profit
    鉁呪渽The company pays us salary every month for purchasing the products
    鉁呪渽We share business opportunity witj friends,family etc and that boosts our salary
    鉁呪渽The company grants us cash award to compesate our efforts
    鉁呪渽The company gives us freebies such as gadgets,bags,scarf and free products for our efforts
    鉁呪渽The company takes us on all paid expend trip the different countries
    鉁呪渽Be your self boss today and earn mouth watery salary by joining my comany this month with a low capital
    鉁呪渽Interested person that wants to be guided on how to achieve this should message me on whatsapp lets get started
    鉁呪渽For students,sit at home mum,civil workers that wanrs to create extra source of income
    鉁呪渽This is an opportunity you will never regret
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  • 馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟

    Another Senior Manager has emerged. 馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑馃拑

    Dr Janada Dan Gadzama is one leader that is passionate and resilient. And this calls for a celebration.

    Read her story below馃憞

    My name is Dr Janada Gadzama
    A wife, mother, medical practitioner, singer, serial entrepreneur and beauty consultant
    I always loved the 'art' of buying and selling right from Medical school
    I sold bedspreads, shoes, handbags, Ankara, wrist watches and laces
    I even got involved in livestock not because I lacked anything but because I always wanted more money.
    I was often referred to as 'cash madam'
    If you were around me and you were broke, just come, borrow and pay later.

    Things turned sour in my final year ( medical school )
    Business couldn't continue, combining both was impossible, I couldn't travel and those days, no one really trusted anyone to get goods for sale so I quit completely and graduated thinking that everything would be alright when I started work.
    My thoughts were just a mirage.

    I started working as a wife and mother and then I discovered that another baby was coming
    I went through hell physically and mentally.
    I was so stressed ; hubby was at the receiving end.
    He would come home to an angry/bitter pregnant wife and nursing mother who is was an intern.
    I took calls 3 times a week, 2-3 weekends a month and served him stale food sometimes.
    How much was the salary ? I was always broke before month end despite my 6-figure earning from the government.

    One day, still in my pregnant state, I took a 48- hour call and then came home happily. To my astonishment , my daughter Mama as she is fondly called ran away from me. She didn't recognize me and therefore preferred her nanny.
    I cried bitterly that morning.
    I vowed to keep my kids as close as possible
    Deep inside, I kept thinking about a business that wouldn't distract my career and family life, something that wouldn't require travelling.

    About a year later, my mum advised me and gave me alot of business ideas being a business tycoon herself.
    I got chatting with Peace Malgwi and she talked to me about the business opportunity which I already knew about but was skeptical. No one really explained the pros and cons to me

    That same day, I got started on my new business venture.

    So far, my company has been amazing, my first earning was N 940 but within a short period, i began to earn 100 times my first pay.
    I am a 6 figure earner,I have time for my family and can pursue other dreams with little or zero interference.
    I have learnt patience, consistency, perseverance, good PR, better communication skills and self discipline in business.

    My dream is to raise/empower 5000 bold beautiful and financially independent women by the year 2022 who would earn in 6-7 figures and become pillars in their society from the comfort of their homes.

    Congratulations again Doc!
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  • You see this wonderful, amazing and business partner of mine turned family friend and sister,she has been in this Cosmestics business for less than two years now and has over a hundred team members working with her.

    Over these years she has achieved a whole lots, currently she is a Director going home with #250k aside her monthly bonus of about 200k.

    The intriguing aspect of it all is that we have never met, but we have built a sustainable business together.
    That’s why I say who say distance is a barrier?

    She is focused, committed, passionate, resilient and a great team player.

    A mother,civil servant, an engineer by profession,yet she is able to do her business conveniently.

    I like to coach just 10 people who :

    馃挜needs another stream of income
    馃挜who wants to start a Cosmestics business (you don’t need to own a shop)
    馃挜 who have 15k, 20k or 35k to start
    馃挜from any state
    馃挜 please serious person who is coachable and willing to learn.

    Drop your phone number and location and I will contact you.
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  • Wondered how to use a Kajal liner without smudging?

    Here are a few tips...

    -Clean the area around your eyes. Clean skin will prevent the kajal from smudging. ..

    -Draw a line from the inner corner of your upper eyelid. ...

    -Pull down your lower lid to line under the eye...

    -Smudge with your finger or a brush if desired
    Reach ....for a safe,quality kajal liner!

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